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: grow a seed of an


to a tree


tree of reality

vision, route, bike, bass: the plan

How to

Seed of an idea


dream big

doing something nobody has ever done before
rediscover my relationship with my double bass
search for the musical spark inside
taking this wooden giant with me
becomes an uncatchable dream

winterbiketrip from tallinn to tartu

of my capability of realizing this idea arise

 questions come up:                                       
Do I have enough equipment?                      

How does it feel to travel alone?                         
Do I have all the skills I need?                                                

first try

to proof myself:
I can do it                  

    in a hasty winter-bikepacking trip
experiencing my physical and mental limits


    I got what I need: will, equipment, skill.          
I could start in this moment.                               
decision made:                                                    
I will start this summer                                      


   the idea grows with every day                    
  imagination escalates                                           
         to wake up in a forest, no one who dictates your path            
no route planned, no dependency stopping                                
      space for creativity, exploration and silence                                       


 is holding me back.          
  only doubts and problems:
no solutions                        
I’m stuck in my dreams     

the idea

is born after a juicy winter depression,                        
      accompanied by disorientation and self doubts:       
         doing a longer bike trip                                                 
to overcome my resistance for creating                
and get to know myself and europe better               

                                          an personal incident releases all frustration                              
                               all doubts spoken out                                                
                                           a wave of encouragement                                                         
                                             builds up the energy to finally realize:                                              
          dreams can come true,                           
                                                  if you make them reality                                                                
                                                              I believe in myself.                                                         
                                                                                           a new chapter begins:                          
                                                                                                                  Uprides is born                                    


a video in the sea               
        sounds in a cave          
                 bass in the forest                 


the pencil never rests                     
                  all my emotions flow into texts         


problems turn into solutions
all the time my potential was hidden              
I stop doubting and start creating  

stop thinking
start doing

I know now: this will be my summer
making music
the beauty of nature
by unknown people


                                    lining out my idea on paper
When should I take which steps to turn my dream into reality?       
                                                      Which problems need to be solved?                                                                                 What is not under my control?                                 

  I change my initial plan  
  from riding to Northcape 
  to riding to Budapest 
  to have a route that is shorter 
  to be able to travel with the bass 

the route
the bike